Grow your business in China

We are focused and committed to success in the Chinese market.
Our digital marketing services include:
- Understand local customer behavior
- Create engaging content in Chinese
- Generate qualified leads
- Reduce marketing costs

Fully custom website design development
And SEO strategies

The web hosting is located in mainland China, which is also good for SEO. We regularly handle everything from server maintenance to backups.

We use our self-developed CMS to create fully customized beautiful websites. A properly constructed custom website can help you get the most from your marketing efforts.

Search engine strategies vary from country to country. We can respond accurately and quickly to the algorithm that Baidu search engine changes every day. By implementing an SEO strategy that best suits the Chinese market, your website will achieve long-term steady growth in traffic。

We also provide the agency operation of WeChat official account, WeChat applet development, etc.

Our Case

Since 2008, Paddy Technology has completed 1000+ website construction projects and continues to provide user-satisfying experience。


We provided WORDPRESS website development, server hosting service WeChat applet development service and Baidu SEO keyword ranking service for SHINING3D Company


We provide EPLUS3D company with Chinese, English, Russian website development services, as well as GOOGLE\Baidu search engine keyword ranking services


We provide LARKKEY company with professional web design planning, photography and shooting services, as well as WeChat public account operation services

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